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Small Victory

I went clothes shopping yesterday and ended up with two new sweaters and two new pairs of pants. The pants are both size 18, and the sweaters are both XL's, but I felt like I should get clothing that would fit me now and not make myself feel crappy about not being able to wear them in public until I lose more weight.

At the beginning of the Summer, I was an 18 only in a few specialized cuts, but now it seems like I'm an 18 across the board, with some 18's fitting better than others. The true test will be walking into my favorite store, Eddie Bauer, in a couple of months and seeing what size I am there. In the past, they've run pretty small.

But the victory I'm so excited about is that I tried on size 16 pants at all locations, and was able to zip and/or button all of them. I looked like a stuffed sausage in the dressing room mirror, but I was able to get into them without doing the "I really need these pants to fit" dance like a crazy woman. I can also wear a size L top, but I don't like to wear tops with a tailored fit to them. So, I guess technically, I'm into size 16 pants, and size L tops, but my preference dictates that I stick with a size up and feel more confident.

I'm actually looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow... it's been a good week.
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I like to stick with a size up to be more confident, too. It drives me nuts to have pants riding up my butt and tight in the stomach. Wow- you have made so much progress- you're doing awesome!

I'm not looking forward to weigh-in, it's been a BAD week, but I am gonna try to use this week to get back on track...