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Shedding Pounds

Losing Weight And Starting A Healthy Lifestyle

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This community was created by that_redhead for her friends on LJ with support with their weight loss and healthy eating habits. All are welcome to join, but keep in mind that if this community isn't for you, there are dozens of other weight loss and healthy living journals on LJ.

The Rules:
- There is absolutely NO disrespect to community members or the moderators. Those found doing so will have themselves reported to LJ abuse, no warnings, no pleas, no second chances.
- This community is for weight loss and healthy eating. Weight loss is a very sensitive topic, and there are no right or wrong ways of doing so. However, those with eating disorders may not find this community beneficial, and there are communities for you in LJ also.
- Various diets are endorsed in this community by it's different members. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beath, Atkin's, etc. are all supported. No bickering about which is right or wrong, because people need different ways of losing weight. Weight loss is not a cookie cutter solution.
- This is a positive support community, so please be sensitive to community members and their weight loss. You do NOT need to post your weight in here, and community members should not ask (it's none of your business). The ultimate goal in the end is to be healthier, happier people.
- If you have any questions about a topic you are posting, or anything else, contact that_redhead.

The moderators for this community are that_redhead,xlunaseax and sushiq. Please don't give them any flack, they are doing this as a favor to me, that_redhead.