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Monday Weigh In

So frustrating....

My Long Term Goal

My Current Short Term Goal

Lose three, gain back two seems to be my pattern of late. At least it's a net loss, but I'm feeling very discouraged. If I had gotten my act together a few weeks ago I could have been under 200 pounds by now, but nooooooo.... the cheesecake and the Snyder's flavored pretzels were too much for my weenie little will power. Unfortunately, the scale won't lie to me and tell me I did well.

So today I'm starting my personal challenge from scratch, with a few changes. I need to be able to see progress in the right direction for at least two weeks in a row before I'll be happy with myself. This lose one week, gain most of it back the next stuff has got to stop. So without further adieu, my challenge to myself:

1) Do some kind of cardio activity for at least thirty minutes a day.
2) Drink at least 96 ounces of water.
3) Take my vitamins every day... no skipping out on the weekends.
4) Keep track of calories... On a day with activity, eat no more than 1700. On a day without exercise, no more than 1400.
5) Focus on ab exercises to improve core strength.
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