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Monday Weigh In

I believe that I unintentionally dehydrated myself before my weigh in last week, because after a day of exercise, drinking my water, and eating well I was back up in the 209 range again. That's why I'm actually happy to report that I'm down to 207 this week. I'm not going to be making another weight loss ticker until next week, because until today, I've been gosh-darned confused about what I actually weigh. Body chemistry can be a real mystery some times.

This past Friday, one of my Mom's friends died of a heart-attack after getting to work. It was one of those sad situations where he probably could have added years to his life by exercising and changing his diet. He was a really good man. I guess you could say that this unfortunate event has provided me with some of the motivation I need to kick things up a notch. I'd like to be around to spend time with my loved ones and give all that I can in life. Forty pounds is a start... but to lose sixty more would make that more possible.
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