Laurita (schmitterlizzie) wrote in shedding_pounds,

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Monday Weigh In

Starting Weight: 250
Weight Last Week: 206.6
Weight This Week: 205.4
Weight Lost This Week: 1.2 pounds
Total Weight Lost: 44.6 pounds

I'm going to stay true to my word and head to the gym this morning, but I wanted to formally weigh in before I did. I lost 1.2 pounds last week, putting me at 205.4. On Saturday I'm leaving for a Thanksgiving vacation, and I most likely won't have access to a scale until the Monday after the holiday, but you had better believe I'm not going to give up. I want to at least keep going for walks, and I'm not going to over-indulge. One small piece of pie... goooooooood. Two large pieces with whipped cream... baaaaaaaaad. Simple, yes, but difficult to do when the people around you are stuffing themselves. I really don't want to experience the post-Turkey Day guilt that I have in the past.
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