Laurita (schmitterlizzie) wrote in shedding_pounds,

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Monday Weigh In

Starting Weight:250
Weight Last Week:208.8
Weight This Week:204.8
Weight Lost/Gained This Week: -4.0
Total Weight Lost:45.2 pounds

When it rains it pours! My goal for this week was to lose the three or so pounds I put on over Thanksgiving, and I did that, and lost an additional pound to put icing on the cake, so to speak. This week I have to be careful not to eat that icing; I'd rather not yo-yo again, especially when I'm so close to my 50% lost mark.

So, I'll set another goal for myself this week: I will work hard, and will try to be about 202 next Monday morning. I have loads of things to get done today, but I will put in a hard hour of cardio before I get busy with other things.
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