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Monday Weigh In

Starting Weight:250
Weight Last Week:204.8
Weight This Week:203.6
Weight Lost/Gained This Week: -1.2
Total Weight Lost:46.4 pounds

This is definitely less of a loss than last week's post Turkey Day drop of four pounds, but I'm still happy. I went to not one, but two Christmas parties this weekend, and because of all of the studying I'm doing for finals I didn't really exercise. More specifically, I exercised last Monday, and that was it for the week. My final exam is on Tuesday, and until then I don't want to be waking up earlier than I have to until after that exam.

The one thing that I'm concerned about is that I barely had anything to drink yesterday, so part of me seeing even this one pound loss might very well be due to dehydration. Starting Wednesday morning, I'll be back to working my butt off though. Only 4.6 more pounds, and I'll see 199. I still think that if I'm good, I can get there by Christmas.

I might be switching my gym membership from the R&D Center gym over to Best Fitness. It's a farther drive, but I'd have the opportunity to have a work out buddy. My friend Meghan from church is a nurse, and very physically fit, but doesn't have anyone to sweat it up with her. We both originally thought that our husbands would be joining us at our respective gyms, but that never happened. She has kids, and I know unexpected things happen when a family is involved, but even if I don't have someone to work out with every day, having someone to meet up with once a week or something would even be nice. The other thing is that I'd love it if other friends or family members could come to my gym with me. Because of security at the R&D Center, only the immediate families of the employees can purchase memberships, and there aren't any guest passes. Anyhoooo, I plan on poking around the Best Fitness site ( ) today, just to see what they have to offer.
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