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Sunday Weigh In

Starting Weight: 250
Weight Last Week: 211
Weight This Week: 206.6
Weight Lost This Week: 4.4 pounds
Total Weight Lost: 43.4 pounds

Current Short Term Goal: 199 by February 5

Well, I think I can say that my holiday bloat weight is gone. Now I'm down to hardcore weight I actually did put on. That means that this week is when it starts to get tough again. This past week it was relatively easy for me to float through. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but I'm actually looking forward to working hard at this again. If I can just get below 200 pounds, I think I'll get my official second wind.

I had a really good week at the gym, and four days of really solid eating. I have a new intermediate level weight circuit to start on Monday thanks to my trainer, and plan on using it. Hey, who wouldn't use a machine called the "Butt Blaster" (seriously, it's written on the machine) when given the chance to? Greg came to the gym with me all last week, which was quite a treat. We may spend more time at the gym when we both go together due to switching off on machines and such, but it's totally worth it, and it still feels like less time has passed when we leave.

After my training session Friday, I had Korey (the trainer) test my percent body fat. Holy. Crap. I'm at 37.7% body fat, give or take a percent or two. If that percentage is that high now, I can't imagine how off the charts I was a couple of years ago. Apparently Greg was in the healthy range at about 17% or so, so I'll probably shoot to be around there. Over a third of me is fat.... EEK!!!
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